I'm a freelance Senior Software Developer and Architect with 20+ years work experience, based in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Since 2002 I've worked professionally for several small and large (international) companies in various branches. In these years I've developed into a Senior (Full Stack) Java Developer and gained experience with many different architectures, methodologies, frameworks, tooling and databases. I'm mainly focused on backend development and experienced in:

Java (8/11/17/21) Kotlin, Java EE, Spring Framework / Spring Boot / Vert.x, Maven / Gradle, CI/CD, SQL / NoSQL, Hibernate, REST APIs, Webservices, Microservices, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

but I'm also quite experienced in frontend development, especially with:

TypeScript, Angular (8/13/16), React, Gatsby, HTML 5

In recent years I gained the following certifications:

Oracle Certified Java 8 Professional, Spring Certified Professional, Kotlin for Java Developers, AWS Certified Developer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

In addition to the technical skills I'm equipped with well-developed analytical, social and communicative skills. I have a team oriented agile mindset and I'm experienced with Scrum (PSM1 certified) and DevOps. I like to oversee the 'big picture' and think about software architecture and software integration design and solutions. I embrace Clean Architecture, DDD (Domain Driven Design), TDD (Test Driven Development) and Clean Code (SOLID) principles in order to ensure software quality and good software development craftsmanship.

I'm energized by adding business value, learning new things and keeping a close eye on new technologies.
Entrust your technological challenge(s) to me!